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I'm writing this in Macedonia. When it's read for the first time by someone other than myself, I may be in France. I am on the move. My partner and I have been traveling for about a year now. It is wonderful and stressful and peaceful and fun and stressful again. I am so grateful to be able to live this way while I can. As I reflect on what I expected from this experience I realize that what has inspired my art was pretty unexpected. What did I expect from "traveling?" When a year ago someone said "Aren't you excited?" I expected beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, history, and wine. The animals surprised me. I meet so many amazing animals full of personality and something intangible that tickles my soul. It's flowery language I know, but it's inexplicable really. They are permeating and always there.

We've been in beautiful Ohrid, Macedonia for about a month. The wild dogs and cats here are the life of the city. As you may guess, the dogs are bubbly and ever present as you wander the streets, while the cats seem to appear from the cracks and sometimes camouflaged right before your eyes. They are playful, lazy, personable, sometimes a little shy, and so kind. The animals here have a kindness that exudes past themselves.

I didn't expect to be so affected and inspired by the animals we would meet. We began our travels in Italy. I expected to be in awe of Roman architecture. I was, but what pulled at my heart was the pack of wild dogs playing in the ruins of Paestum. Through my work, I want to acknowledge the impact animals have on my life and say thank you.

If your'e interested in reading more about the animals I've met, the places we've been, and how it impacts my art please stay tuned. There is a lot to say and I like short reads, so I'll be posting them in individual blog posts.

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