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Air bnb experience

In short, I'm hosting an AirBnb plein air painting experience! We are living in Scalea on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Italy, it's an amazing place to be and to paint. Until recently, we were living in the Cilento valley in the shadow of a mountian. It had it's charms. Going up into the mountains was lovely and full of wild plants with medicinal values that I had no clue about. I do miss the smell of moss and wet leaves, but I needed to see the horizon and lye in the sun. There is something natural and necessary about being able to lye on the ground, grass, sand, dirt, pebbles, it's something that I haven't really been able to do in months and clearly something that I have taken for granted. I have been taking full advantage of being in-touch with the Earth (literally) and I am so excited to have the opportunity to sit on this beautiful beach and share with strangers my love of nature and painting.

Check out this link to visit my AirBnb experience page click here

Stay tuned for more on Scalea, plein air, and more of my recent projects!

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