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darcy marie melton

Darcy Marie Melton is a self taught painter and illustrator. Her work has been exhibited in the Jepson Center, Sulfur Studios, and a self-produced solo show in Savannah, GA among others. She was the recipient of The Best of Bonfire Award - Designs that Empower Women for her piece, “My Body, My Choice.” Which has also been featured in Reproductive Rights Marches across the US. She is strongly influenced by her passion for the environment/environmental activism, animal welfare/rights, and women’s/human rights. She is the co-founder and executive art editor of Pigeon Review, an art and literary journal.


recent exhibitions 

Upcoming 2022      Las Laguna Art Gallery – Women In Art

Upcoming 2022      Miloska Center for Exhibitions 


December 2021       Savannah Gallery of Art - 21 and Done


December 2021       Sulfur Studios - White Elephant VII

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