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My Body My Choice Poster.jpg
My Body My Choice Yarrd Sign 2.jpg

Thank you to everyone interested in using my oil painting "My Body, My Choice" as a printable poster! Thank you for supporting abortion rights!


I have temporarily added a downloadable zip file of the printable version of the painting. If you'd like to download the file just click the button above. 

Thank you again for your interest and for your support! Stay well and be safe friends! 

If you post photos of the poster or merch, you can tag me on instagram @darcy__marie, on Facebook @darcymelton, or on Twitter @not_mr_darcy !

clothing, prints, and stickers 

fifty percent of proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood Federation of America 
My Body, My Choice Sweatshirt.png

My Body, My Choice - sweatshirt

available on Bonfire 

My Body, My Choice t-shirt.png

My Body, My Choice - t-shirt

available on Bonfire 

My Body, My Choice sticker.png

My Body, My Choice - sticker

available on Redbubble

My Body My Choice

My Body, My Choice - print

available on Redbubble

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